Vegan Snickers Bars

My gourmet cooking club had a healthy food theme so I took dessert and made a double batch.  I also served them to my book club and the bars got a thumbs up from almost everyone.  You start with a base of almonds.  I have made a similar base for pie crusts.  This sets in the freezer and the next layer is a date past filling.  Finally you dip the bars in dark chocolate.  The recipe was very time consuming and by the end I just covered the top and bottom in the melted chocolate.

The sweetener is the dates and pure maple syrup, no sugar.  That is a plus the down side is the many steps and the dates were expensive.  Do they taste like snickers? only a little but they are good and healthy.  I would make them again in a double batch.  I would not make them often.  See the link below.

Click here for link to recipe