Gluten Free Crepes

Four ingredients were all that was needed for one crepe.

1/4 cup IMG_6317Tapioca Flour

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 mashed banana

1 egg

Mix all together and cook in butter or ghee.  I added the raspberries and some pure maple syrup pictured above. The inspiration was from cooking club where I used the tapioca flour in a bread recipe.  Looking for ways to use the rest of the flour I found an idea here.  I used less flour and only one egg.  Since the cinnamon added a brown color it was a little difficult to see when it was done. The flavor was good, but as I have found with many gluten free flours, the texture was different.  It was not crepey or pancakey, it was a bit chewy.  I’m not sure if that was due to my modification or the nature of the tapioca flour.

As a kid I loved tapioca pudding.  Here is a history of tapioca and I learned a startling fact about it. Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root. It is native to South America. The plant was carried by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to most of the West Indies, Africa and Asia. Though food for millions of people in tropical countries, it is low in nutrition and food energy and used as a thickening agent in various processed foods.

I saw quite a few recipes with just the flour and water to make a traditional South American style crepe.  The cassava flour can be processed into tapioca pearls and used in pudding. There are various types of cassava. Bitter cassava is toxic and must be treated properly prior to human or animal consumption, it can be converted into cyanide! However the sweet cassava can be consumed after simply boiling.