Braised Green Taco Recipe and Too Many Tomatoes

Many of us have extra tomatoes at this time of year.  Here are a few ideas for using them.  Grill theivan-timov-138042m, broil with some parmesan cheese or olive oil and your favorite herbs.  Make bruschetta, salsa or guacamole with added tomatoes.  Add them to sandwiches, scrambled eggs, or crackers and cheese.  Make a sauce, soup, stuff them like a stuffed pepper, use a lot of them in a caprese salad.  Think of adding them to almost any kind of salad including pasta or grain salads.  Pictured is a tri-colored quinoa I made with onions, cucumbers, olive oil, feta cheese and tomatoes.  Add them to quesadillas, burritos or tacos.  Also for a different type of vegetarian taco with tomatoes I made this Braised Greens Taco recipe from a while ago.  I might have to try it again.