What to eat, what not to eat

On the first day of the Minnesota State Fair my friend and I attended a food lecture in the Eco Building.  Yes in the midst of all the pronto pups, deep fried cheese curds and Sweet Martha cookies I went to “What to eat and what not to eat”.

I knew most of the information such as whole wheat bread often contains white flour.  Also most honey is heated, often watered down and then forced at high pressure through extremely small filters to remove pollen.  This way it can’t be traced to a source.  The FDA states this is not real honey.  The demonstration had a blind taste taste with honey in bear container vs real honey.  Many people preferred the sweetness of the “fake” honey.

I did learn that bulk cinnamon is some times laced with saw dust.  The recommendation was to buy cinnamon sticks.  I also learned the dirty dozen list of what to  buy organic due to pesticides was updated.  Strawberries have now replaced apples as the number one food to buy organic.  For the complete list  click here