Try New Foods and Recipes

In my effort to try new foods and recipes I have a hit and a miss.  I love butternut squash.  Wanting some healthy cold weather comfort food I tried butternut squash “mac and cheese” with a quinoa pasta.  The second day I added some broccoli and a little real cheese.  The taste was still bland no matter what seasonings I added.  Also it looked so much like real mac and cheese I could not get past the different taste.  It was a miss and I will not be be making it again for a while.  Note to self don’t try a new pasta and a new sauce at the same time.






The hit was blue potatoes.  I was at an indoor farmer market and bought some organic indoor grown blue spuds.  Colorful potatoes provide carotenoids and some also provide flavonoids that white potatoes do not. These pigments, according to nutritional research, provide us with many health benefits.  Blue varieties have a common bundle of phytochemicals.  These are the same pigments that give purple cabbage, pomegranates and blueberries their color.  And like the carotenes, another familiar group of phytochemicals, these pigments have antioxidant properties that have been associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.  Cook them just like any other potatoes.