Spiralized Squash

My spiralizer has been sadly neglected (see post on my website call Spiralizing).  So to reconnect with it, I made noodles out of yellow squash which is plentiful right now.  I cooked them in two tablespoons of olive oil and a little water.  I added in some fresh heirloom tomatoes while cooking.  The total cooking time was only ten minutes and a great way to get more vegetables.  One time I topped this base with fresh basil from my garden, more olive oil and pine nuts.  Another time I topped the base with organic shredded cheese and hot peppers.

I tried spiralizing green zucchini in the past but I found the yellow color to be more appetizing than green.  This was just as satisfying to me as pasta, also it looks more like pasta.  So much of how food tastes is how appealing it looks to us and I just think the green zucchini looks a little too much like a sea monster.  You be the judge……….