Spaghetti Squash

Moving away from processed foods I revisited spaghetti squash. A part from the cutting where great care is required, this is an easy meal. I tried scoring the squash in essence making a little slashed cutting line first. Then I used a larger knife to cut the squash in half and roast. I also read cutting it the opposite way from pictured is easier and gives you longer “spaghetti” strands. I will try that next time.

After roasting an hour 15 minutes at 350 degrees I would have preferred a soft squash. So I re-roasted for 20 minutes. Taking a fork and scraping creates the squash noodles, it’s kind of fun. I made one dish with garlic (which roasted in the dish), olive oil and sprinkled with lots of sunflower seeds from some protein see below. The image above I also added some pepper jack cheese and sun dried tomatoes.