Quick Soups

Right now it is soup season in Minnesota.  Here are some time saving soup tips.  These are the shortcuts I took for a butternut squash soup topped with pumpkin seeds.

  • First buy pre-cut veggies.  I used a 12 oz size of butternut squash in a bag, already cut into cubes.  My first experience cutting up squash took forever and it was not pretty.  I am not a whimp but I almost started crying.
  • Use parchment paper I roasted the squash until tender at 350 degrees.  DO NOT use high heat for parchment.  It is paper and will burn at high heat.  Read the package my parchment says don’t go above 400 so I play it safe at 350 degrees.  Toss the paper, no roasting pan clean up.
  • If your blender has measurements as most do, use your blender as a measuring cup, no measuring cup clean up needed. I put in the squash then added almond milk up to the three cup mark in the blender.  Adjust with more liquid if needed.
  • Add in what ever other veggies are around and roast in the same pan.  I added 1/8 of an onion and a few broccoli flowerets.  No extra trip to the store.
  • Use a glass warming dish with handles and a cover for leftovers.  My favorite dish is  pictured above.  No sauce pan clean up needed after reheating the soup.
  • Eat the soup out of your glass dish, no extra bowl to wash.

Fact about butternut squash.  Scientific name: Cucurbita morschata.  Butternut squash has anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is low in calories but has more Vitamin A than pumpkin and contains potassium and B6.