Mini Polenta Pizza

I don’t like corn.  When every one in Minnesota goes crazy over the first sweet corn of the year, I am puzzled.  I do like corn bread so I tried polenta which dates back to the 1700’s.  In Italy it was considered peasant food.  You can make your own polenta or I bought mine already made in a roll.  It just needs heating and I made a mini pizza with polenta.  It is a quick and easy gluten free base for vegetable toppings.  Smoked paprika, broccoli and mozzarella cheese made a combination I enjoyed.


Also an here is an update to my cauliflower pizza post. I have been making many more of these crusts.  You can now buy the vegetable already chopped into rice size pieces in a bag.  Brilliant!  No more cleaning up the mess I alway make when chopping it in the food processor myself.  The toppings shown are yellow squash, red pepper and white cheddar cheese.  I tried to skip a step and not steam it before baking, don’t go there.