Last of the Summer Garden

There is an abundance of tomatoes in early fall.  I converted my garden to all organic this year.  I also attended a seminar on small space gardening.  Some good reminders were pull weeds on a regular basis.  This is not just for the beauty of your garden but to prevent disease spreading to your vegetables.  I have also been vining my tomatoes for the last few years.  You get a more consistent crop and not 40 tomatoes at one time.  Certain types of tomatoes work better for vining.  If you don’t have room for a garden start start with some herbs in small containers.  This saves a lot of money over buying herbs in a store.  Read up on whether your herb needs a drier soil or more water.  Over watering some herbs is a common reason they don’t thrive.  I don’t have enough sun to keep my herbs going over the winter.  At the seminar I got a tip about a certain kind of grow light.  I will let you know if that works later.

Pictured from my garden is lightly broiled tomato with parmesan cheese and lemon basil.