Healthy Eating Tip Make Extras

Cooking non processed food take take more time than popping a frozen entree in the microwave.  I use my microwave as storage only.  When cooking I try to make extra food to freeze or use the next day.  Brown rice can take 40 minutes to an hour to make and it is easy to double the amount.  Slow roasting veggie can take a long time so I also double the amount I need.  Chopping vegetable does not take that long, but on the days I am pressed for time it seems a gigantic task.

Pictured is a next day dish from a vegetable curry with rice.  I put the left over cooked brown rice and roasted broccoli and orange pepper in a casserole and topped with some cheddar goat cheese and bread crumbs.  It took about 20 minutes to warm up a third of the time to start from scratch.  If you don’t like to freeze food, just making double your recipe gives you a day off from time consuming meal preparation.