Brussel Sprouts

Last week was the last week of my CSA (community supported agriculture) pick up. I decided to be brave and take the brussel sprouts, I intensely dislike them. Once in a blue moon someone cooks them in a way that is astonishingly good. I plucked them off the stock, took off the yellowed leaves as instructed and washed them. The fresh from the farm vegetables have more dirt. I marinated them in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of olive oil for about 10 minutes. Reading that lots of salt helps the bitterness, I used about 10 turns on my salt grinder.

I roasted them with some very thinly cut CSA organic potatoes for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. (I also roasted a few CSA squash halves not pictured that took an hour.) Most recipes called for 30 minutes of roasting or until browned, but the more you roast the sweeter. I’m glad I added the extra 10 minutes, the first few were OK and the last few actually started tasting good to me. They were not as good as ones that other people made, but I was happy with my first attempt.