Apples Health Facts

Apples are one thing I always buy organic due to the high amount of pesticides.  They are always in the top three of suggested produce to buy organic.  Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin which can help your immume system. Apples are high in fiber and potassium, and contain no fat or salt. I look for studies with large numbers.  One study of 2,500 middle-aged men in Wales showed that lung function improved in those who ate an apple a day. Another study of from Finland of 9,208 men and women found a lower risk of stroke for those who ate the most apples.  The study was completed over a period of 28 years.

I am trying to use apples as a snack again. I think of them all the time in the Fall and then sadly they drop off my radar. So I got out of the apple habit. Apples with a little protein like peanut butter or cheese is a good way to boost energy between meals. Here are some idea on how to incorporate more apples into your eating. I roast them for a side dish to any meal. Many soups like carrot and butternut squash soup taste better to me when the recipe also calls for apple.  I like them in salads.  I  just saw a spring roll recipe that had an apple in it, I will try that one soon.