Everyone has a different pace. Not just walking or running but the way we make decisions or process information. It is really importance to pace ourselves. We use sayings like pickup the pace or the pace of life is slow there. When our pace is faster than those around us we sometimes become impatient. In fact Minnesota just passed a law to fine slow drivers in the left lane. The Eagles had a hit with the song Life in the Fast Lane.

When I was in corporate America full time I was asked to work on a project that was behind so mandatory 12 hour days were required. It was the 2nd largest project in the long history of this large company. Being told it would only be a few months I said yes. Well the crazy pace lasted even after we launched the project. Many people got sick at the end and I got shingles, misdiagnosed as everyone said I was too young for it. My saving grace was yoga. For an hour I was encourage to listen to the pace in which my body was telling me to move.

These squirrels on my deck railing look like they over did it. Over the years I have learned to pace myself. I am a type A with lots of energy. My grandmother told me when I wanted to go out to play I was ready in a snap. Most of my friends moved at a slower pace so I would be tying their shoes and helping them into their coats and hats so we could “get a move on it!” Because I have a lot of energy I tend to exhaust myself then I move really slow, like sloth slow. How do you monitor your energy level and pace?

One way is to have part of your exercise plan be the same. Taking a walk at the same time every day you can tune into your energy. Having a short yoga flow at the same time can also help. I try to meditate at the same time every day and also tune into my energy level there. If I fall asleep I know I’m over doing it. Some people have more energy in the morning (you know who you are). It can also help if you can time your tasks to your peak energy. Tuning into our energy so we can pace our selves is a valuable tool in our toolkit.

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