Lessons from Fall

I’m focusing on three lessons from Fall letting go, gratitude and balance.

The falling leaves remind us that we often must let go of something to make way for the new to come in. Trees release leaves in a dazzling show of colors to make way for the new green buds next spring. They also release bark to make room for new growth. We can be very set in our ways. When I was a corporate wellness coach, before I could even say hello, one person stated with “I’m from Wisconsin so don’t except me to give up cheese” I wasn’t going to ask him to do that but could tell how set he was in his cheesy ways. Are there any things you need to let go to make way for the new?

I’ve also had and have my share of habits that are hard to break too. Small things like late night snacking and bigger things like releasing my identity as a IT Project Manager to move into the wellness area. Many people think it is not a real job. I’m running my 23rd Twin Cities 10 mile race. I’m trying to let go of some disappointment that I was faster when I first ran this race in 1999. I’m trying to be happy I’m still running! During the time of this pandemic many of us released our notions of how to work, shop, take classes, attend appointments and gather with family and friends. New ways of interaction have emerged and some of them are here to stay. “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

Fall is a time of gratitude for the harvest. Even though most of us are not farmers we have our own harvest. It doesn’t have to be what we eat or even the physical things we own. I think of my family, friends and the cat who owns me as my harvest. Many of us have spent years planting the seeds that have brought in the relationships we have now. No matter what age, you have amassed some wisdom due to life experiences. I think of my learning experiences (even the painful ones) as a kind of bountiful harvest.

The fall equinox was on September 22nd this year.  This event has been tracked by many ancient cultures for thousands of years.  This time of balanced day and night can be a good reminder for finding balance in our own lives. One of the ways we can tell we are out of balance is a lack of energy. When I meditate I first turn into my energy level to know if something needs to be adjusted.


The yin yang symbol also represents balance between Heaven and Earth, Night and Day and the cycles of the seasons.  I use this symbol as my logo at times, I have it on a shirt.  Here is a finer breakdown of the symbol.  The outer circle is the universe.  Some of the things represented by black are feminine, intuition, submission, moon and stillness.  White is male, logic, dominance, sun, and movement.  The line dividing the shapes is a rounded S shape and is meant to show a kind of push and pull.  This represents the ebb and flow of balance.  When yin is too strong yang pushes back and it also works in reverse.  Both help each other stay strong.  The dots in the center show us there is always some yin in every yang and some yang in every yin.  Nothing is black and white. Yin yang symbol pictured is from   http://all-free-download.com/