Holiday or Any Day Stress Reduction

When I did corporate wellness coaching for five years we talked to clients about the four A’s of stress reduction. Some of them overlap but I try to follow them all. It has reduced my stress.

Avoid the stressor. Just don’t do something that stresses you out. Over the Holidays agree to buy less presents. One of my social groups did this and we all felt relief. We will enjoy each others company for a full day without gifts. Avoid events that you don’t enjoy. Avoid the non Holiday tasks you can delay to January, when you might be bored.

Alter the stressor. If you do need to shop go at a less busy time of day. Combine errands in the same location. Start early with your chosen tasks. I’ve sent 17 mailed cards out already, a new record for me. I send ecards to those who send ecards to me. I bought software that makes it quick and easy. I’m not putting out as many decorations (this one is difficult I love decorations) just trying it out this year.

Alter your reaction to stress. Mondays are busy for me however, I rearranged my schedule to take a restorative yoga class yesterday. I felt wonderful and relaxed for the rest of the day. Take time for yourself this busy season. Sit and enjoy any decorations you put up. Get good quality sleep and keep eating some healthy foods. Take just half an hour to read a good book, watch a sappy Hallmark Holiday movie.

Accept. Pumpkin spiced thing will be everywhere, not a huge fan. I had a pumpkin smoothie at my health club it wasn’t bad. Holiday music will be everywhere, I’m working on not getting irritated here and I do LOVE seeing decorations up early. I’m accepting there are more cars on the road all December in my area. I will have to drive in extra traffic at times so I will alter that one by allowing more time.

I try to keep foremost in my what the Holidays mean to me. Being with family and friends. A little extra charity and kindness in the world. A love that surpasses all understanding. Happy Holidays!