Helping Others

Having returned from beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala a few days ago, I’m reflecting on the trip. This time I was there in a training workshop to get a certificate to teach breath work. I was also there to teach a daily yoga class for the participants. The picture above is sunset viewed from the yoga studio. I was at Lake Atitlan over 20 years ago on a spiritual retreat. Honestly, at that time, it was not on my list of places to go. A side trip to Tikal was my main motivation to go. The beauty of the country and the people is still on my mind. This trip I was most impressed with the people I met who are giving back and helping others.

On our way to the Lake from Antigua we visited a couple doing so much good. The husband who was a former firefighter and survived a building collapse decided to give back. He works and lives on the farm along with his lovely wife. They teach locals farming to help the local economy. Here in their words is a description of what they do. “We cultivate and harvest macadamia nuts organically and sustainably. We do not graft our trees or interfere genetically with their development. Over the last 11 years we have donated or cosponsored the planting of over 350,000 trees in indigenous communities all over Guatemala. We have been producing a line of high-quality organic products based on the macadamia nut for over 20 years.” Pictured is me sorting macadamia nuts.

At Lake Atitlan we got to meet a woman who designs bracelets. The work making them supports many Guatemalan women and their families. She teaches skills to make items that can also be sold here in the states. Thus expanding the market and helping even more people. My friend who taught the workshop owns land on the Lake. She and her husband are reforesting it to help the environment. It was wonderful to be among so many people who are giving their time and resources to help others. The eco friendly resort we stayed at also supports the local community. One of the real treasure of travel is the learning and growing from each time I leave the comfort of my couch to see the world.