August 2017 – Value

“You know the value of every article of merchandise, but if you don’t know the value of your own soul, it’s all foolishness.”  Rumi

In preparing for my presentation on Valuing our Awesome Selves and Others, I have been thinking about value.  I sometimes watch Antiques Roadshow.  People bring in old items and find out they have a much greater value than originally thought.  Items that are rare in the collectible world often often have more value.  Classic cars can be rare.  The sole Chrysler 1960 300F convertible sold for $437,250.  Every one of us is rare, there never has been nor will there ever be anyone one the planet as unique, talented or valuable as you.

Most of us take care of the material things we value and are expensive.  For many of us our cars or houses are a good percent of our income.  We change the oil in our cars, rotate our our tires or clean the furnace filters in our house.   On antiques road show you will often hear people have kept an item for the sentimental value.  They then find out it also has great monetary value too.  Value is not all about money.  There is a term call intrinsic value.  The site has a few definitions and one is “Ecology: Value that the environment and life forms have in their own right, and which is not derived from the human use they can or cannot be put to.”  

Our cars and houses are important to us.  An article in Psychology Today reported “To value something goes beyond regarding it as important; you also appreciate its qualities, while investing the time, energy, effort, and sacrifice necessary for its maintenance. If you value a da Vinci painting, you focus on its beauty and design more than the cracks in the paint, and, above all, you treat it well, making sure that it is maintained in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity.”  Are you focusing on your unique design and beauty and maintaining ideal conditions for your health with the right amount of exercise, nutrition and rest?

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We also want to be around others that value us.  In corporate America a buzz words are employee recognition. Some people want a bonus, others want to see their name on the employee of the month list or to be recognized and applauded at a big meeting.  We don’t do well in relationships with a company or another person if we don’t feel valued.  As I focus on this topic, I am trying to cultivate value for myself and others important to me.