September 2016 – Balance

The fall equinox is on September 22nd this year.  This event has been tracked by many ancient cultures for thousands of years.  This time of balance of day and night can be a good reminder for finding balance in our own lives.

Many things I see remind me of balance, for example all the arches I saw in Italy last fall.  The stone arch is a simple structure in architecture.  However, if an arch is built incorrectly and without balance it will quickly fall into ruin.


The yin yang symbol also represents balance between Heaven and Earth, Night and Day and the cycles of the seasons.  I use this symbol as my logo at times, I have it on a shirt.  Here is a finer breakdown of the symbol.  The outer circle is the universe.  Some of the things represented by black are feminine, intuition, submission, moon and stillness.  White is male, logic, dominance, sun, and movement.  The line dividing the shapes is a rounded S shape and is meant to show a kind of push and pull.  This represents the ebb and flow of balance.  When yin is too strong yang pushes back and it also works in reverse.  Both help each other stay strong.  The dots in the center show us there is always some yin in every yang and some yang in every yin.  Nothing is black and white.

We can’t always have balance in every moment of our lives, just as the days in the year are not always be the same length.  I thought that by leaving my 60 hour a week job I would find more balance and I did.  I took a consulting job and did not say no enough to projects at first.  I quickly became tired all the time and got out of balance again.

Currently by working a few part time jobs while building my business, I can easily over book myself.  By using daily meditation I tap into that out of balance feeling sooner than I could in the past.  I can start to cut back or add in activities that balance my energy rather than deplete it.

Yin yang symbol is from