May 2016 – Dreams and Meditation Overview II

‘We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.’ Shakespeare

I have been journaling my dreams since I was nine.  I have been helping people interpret dreams since I was twelve.  When I teach dream workshops many people tell me they can’t remember their dreams.  The first step is to tell yourself you will start remembering your dreams.  Many of us are highly suggestible.  By just setting the intention, some people will remember dreams.  Keep a journal by your bedside as a reminder.  Don’t move when you first wake up.  Go through your dream without moving a muscle before you reach for a note taking device.  When short on time, I have also used my phone to record my dreams in the morning.  Most phones have a voice memo feature.  If I record my dreams in the morning, I journal my dreams at night when I have more time for a deep dive into what they mean.

I’m an arranger and love I can use my sleeping down time to improve my life.  My dreams have helped me with many decisions.  They have helped me process and heal from loss.  Dreams have helped me resolve issues with those who have departed and are no longer in physical form on the planet.  It is amazing how much information can be provided to me in one short dream sequence.

I practice a traditional type of meditation every day.  I just focus on my breathing in silence for a set amount of time at a set time of day.  I also use guided meditations at the end of my session when I have a problem to solve.  I still use traditional problem solving methods like writing down the pros and cons of an issue.  If don’t get an answer from formal analysis or in a dream, I have a series of my favorite guided meditations.  I use different ones on different occasions.  One of my favorites is the mountain meditation.  I envision myself as solid and unchanging at the core like a mountain.  From the vantage point of the top of the mountain I look at the issue clearly with a new perspective.  I have received great insights from this exercise.  See how non traditional problem solving works for you.