June 2016 – Natural Products Part I

My top three reasons why you should use natural products are 1) they are good for you 2) they are good for the environment 3) they are much cheaper than products with chemicals.

I started using natural products in junior high. My girlfriend and I had my mom’s Dell pocket book about natural beauty products. We learned about oatmeal and egg facials, using white vinegar to make our hair shiny (not the best smelling product) and lemon juice to lighten our hair.

Egg whites can be used for temporary skin firming. This is even more of a perk now that I don’t have that junior high school skin. Many articles recommend mixing the egg whites with other ingredients. I still use them “straight”. Just apply an egg white to your face and leave on until they dry. Remove with water. If I have time I will use the yolks first as it is said to remove impurities.

I always had sensitive skin and still have reactions to metals and certain beauty products and cleaners. With anything we put on our skin, up to 60% of the ingredients can go into our system. Some people strongly believe if you can’t safely eat a product don’t put it on your skin.

I will still use medicine prescribed to me by my dermatologist. However, the more I read about the impact of chemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, the less I used them. This chemical is what makes products suds up. It cleans by corrosion and is used in garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. If you are use to sudsy shampoos it is hard to believe you are still getting clean hair without the suds. I am now OK with less suds and avoid this ingredient in everything.

A few years ago, I started using safflower oil on my skin as a moisturizer. Olive oil was too heavy for my skin but makes a great hair conditioner. Now coconut oil is all the rage, we have gone coconut oil crazy. I use it every day for my skin and occasionally for my hair as a pre-conditioner. I leave it in for at least 20 minutes and then shampoo it out.

More natural product tips next month.