May 2015 – Lessons from Nature

Happy May Day!  Celebrations date back to Roman times and a celebration for Flora the Roman goddess of flowers.  Also Sweden and other European countries have long celebrated Walpurgis Night around this time.  May Day is also associated with the Gaelic Beltane, most commonly held on April 30.  May 1 was the first day of summer and the summer soltice was Midsummer.  In addtion to maypoles, flowers and trees bonfires are associated with the holiday.

I am thinking of the lessons we can learn from nature.  At least in Minnesota all things have a season of growth and a season of hibernation and we need that too.  Also, we can learn the lesson of patience.  “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

I went to a great yoga conference last weekend.  The lecture on ayurveda reminded me how much Nature has an influence on our well being.  We naturally want to eat differently as the weather changes and foods should be changed to match the seasons.  We should adjust our physical activity and do less in super hot weather.  There are actually physical benefits to watching the sunrise and watching the sun set can help with our sleep.

One of the first examples of a quote about nature that had a great impact on me is from one of my favorite authors, JOSEPH CAMPBELL: “Well, the goal of your quest for yourself is to find that burning point in your point, that becoming thing in yourself, which is fearless and desire less, but just becoming. This is the condition of a warrior going into battle with perfect courage. That’s life in movement. A plant growing, I think of grass, you know. Every two weeks a chap comes out with a lawn mower and cuts it down. Suppose the grass were to say, well, for Pete’s sake, what’s the use?”